5 Android Apps That You Must Have

5 Android Apps That You Must Have

5 Android Apps That You Must Have:

Hey, everyone today I am going to tell you about the most exciting topic, i.e., “ 5 Android apps that you must have ”. After selecting the Android brand, the second most tough thing is to choose the Android apps that will help you. Android is the most prominent platform for all the applications. However, you have to select your app in billions of apps. Therefore, these are the Top 5 Android apps that you must have. 

5 Android Apps That You Must Have

1)    Find my device:

5 Android Apps - Find My Device Apk Download

You might think why to find my device. It is the application that allows you to track your Mobile when it lost, or Someone is playing with you. You just have to install this device on your Android and activate it. Now, you can track your Android Smartphone with anywhere you only have to download an application on someone phone or search in Google where is my droid and sign up with the same id you used on your device that is missing. However, the condition to locate your device is your Data should be on also with the GPS.

Download: Find My Device.

2)    Last Pass:

5 Android Apps - Last Pass Apk Download

Now the second app in the category is the Last pass manager. This app saves your essential password and even generate for you. Humans are bad at remembering things, especially password. We have to remember many accounts and their passwords. If you forgot your password, you have one way to recover is that is reset or forgot your password. However, after installing this application, you don’t need to remember your password. You just have to store or save your password in the application and Done. Therefore, what are you waiting for install the last pass Manager and get rid of all your password problems?

Download: LastPass Password Manager

3)    Zedge:

5 Android Apps - Zedge Apk Download

This app is one stop for all the things like wallpapers, ringtones, notification tones, and alarms. There is a large variety of ringtones, notification tones, and HD wallpapers. Finding stuff on Zedge is simple as always. However, the best part is this app is free, and you can also browse 4k wallpapers for free of cost.

Download: ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers

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4)    Cam Scanner:

5 Android Apps - Cam Scanner Apk Download

If you are a college or high school student, you must have this app Cam Scanner. This app allows you to capture image better than the usual camera. The best part of this app is you can also convert your captured image into the pdf format. Sometimes when you click the picture and take a printout, it will be black or not clear. However, after installing this application, the print quality of images suddenly increases.

Download: CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator

5)    Google Fit:

5 Android Apps - Google Fit Apk Download

Now last in the category of Top 5 Android apps that you must have but not the least is Google Fit. As its names say, it is fitness app. This app allows you to track your walking, cycling, riding and much more stuff like this. These apps send you data according to your location. You just have to open the app and select your activity what are you doing like playing, walking or something else. This app is the best to track your fitness and how many calories you burn in a day.

Download: Google Fit – Fitness Tracking

So, these are the Top 5 apps that you must have. These are the apps that help you in your day to day life. All of the above apps are free, and you can directly download them from Google Play store.

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