speed up your android device without root

Speed Up Your Android Device [no app/no root]

How To Speed Up Your Android Device?

So, You are frustrated with your slow Android Device? No need to worry you can easily speed up your android device using some simple tweaks.

There are many apps on play store who claim of speeding up your device. Such apps consume more RAM of your device. Hence, slowing down your Android device. There may be many working apps on play store which may speed up your device, but I will show you very simple tweaks which will Speed up your Android Device without any app or without rooting your Android device.

Yes, you heard it right. You don’t need any 3rd party app or RAM boosters and no root access required to speed up your android device.

In this tutorial you will Learn following things:

  • Increase Speed of Your Android Device?
  • Speed Up Your Android Device?
  • Optimize Your Slow Android Device?

Let’s not waste further time and start with the tutorial.

How To Speed Up Your Android Device Without Installing Any Software:

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1. Open Settings and Scroll Down to Open About Menu.

open settingsclick on about2. Click 7 Times on MiUi Version in Redmi Phones and for Others Click on Build Number to enable developer options. To know more about developer options click here.

click 7 times on MIUI Version or Build Number for Other Devices3. Go Back To Settings and Click Additional Settings and Scroll Down to Developer Options and Click on it.

click additional settings click developer options4. In Developer Options Scroll Down and Change the Value of “Window Animation Scale”, “Transition Animation Scale” and “Animator Duration Scale” from “1x” to “0.5” as Shown in Image.

change windows animation scale, transition animation scale and animator duration scale to 0.5x 

5. Again Scroll Down to “Do Not Keep Activities” Option and Enable it as Shown. This Step is Optional as this Option if Enabled Will Destroy Activity of Your App as soon as you leave that app.

turn on

6. Change Background Process Limit to “At most, 4 Processes”. This setting will Limit Your Background Process to 4 Processes At Most. Due to Which Your RAM Consumption Will Reduce, and This Will Speed Up Your Android Device.

change background process limit to“Do Not Keep Activities” and “Background Process Limit” are Optional as usage of every person is different. These options may impact your social media notifications.

Note: don’t change any other options other than these settings as it may impact badly on your Android Device.

Hope this Tweaks Helped You to Speed Up Your Android Device. If You Feel Your Android Device is Boosted Using This Tweaks, Please Comment Below to Share Your Experience, Thoughts, and Queries.

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speed up your android device without root