modi keynote android app

Modi Keynote Android App Truth – Fake or Real? [Hindi]

Modi Keynote Android App Truth – Fake or Real?

Somedays before there was a news that new note or 2000rs and 500rs has nanochip in it, through which government can trace our location. which was completely fake news. And again we are hearing the news that Modi Keynote Android App has the feature through which we can scan 2000rs and 500rs note and can watch Shri. Narendra Modi Sir’s Speech. in this video we will check the android application of modi keynote, is it fake or real?


  1. Just download the Modi Keynote Android application from here: Modi Keynote App.
  2. scan the 500 or 2000 rs notes to view Modi message on Black Money.

The App Is for Fun Purpose Only, Not intended to check whether fake or original note. We want to pass the message given by Modi to more people with help of new technology.


Modi Keynote Android App is completely fake as we can see in the video.

Please Share Your Experience on this Modi Keynote Android App.

modi keynote android app