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What You’ll Learn About Click bait Might Shock You (Especially #5)

The word click bait might be just a word for some people, but to hone it is very useful. Whenever you get a chance to browse the internet next time just keep a keen eye on the headlines which will draw your attention (for the record like this one). There is a very high possibility that you have been a victim of click bait at some point in time and even though some of those might be annoying to you but in reality that is what click baits are intended to do.

But if you don’t analyze and effectively time your baits then it might backfire. Click Bait is a hyperlink with catchy headlines that take you to an another website which may or may not of your interest.

So the question arises should your company incorporate click baits on its official blog or on its content marketing strategy?.  Read the following strategies that will help you get the most out of the click baits and at the same time make you learn from the worst.

Click Bait

1. Be original and creative, but not misleading to the core:

While creating content to transform it into a click bait try to describe the headline of your click bait as accurately as possible to incorporate into your content. Many a time the headline of the click bait is very catchy but in the end, fails to meet the expectation. The bottom line is that you should not trick your readers by using any catchy headlines just to garner their attention while not providing any useful information. Doing so will not be beneficial as it will make the readers to distrust your blog hindering the possibility of future customers.

Learn About Click Bait

2. When you have doubt, ditch the click bait:

When writing a content don’t put a headline just to increase your website traffic or to transform it in click bait. It is better to put an informative and straightforward headline your article or content instead of a catchy but in reality a not so informative click bait. With the advent of social media, the pace at which information is shared has increased. It has been observed many times, an article is shared just by looking at the headline and not reading it correctly to validate the truth. Try to focus on headlines and article or any content which you feel comfortable with to be directed to your audience tastes. Many times media houses employ click bait to drive more traffic and generate revenue. But it is possible that your business may not rely on advertising, so it is ok not to use click baits to generate traffic.

3. Follow Facebook’s lead:

Facebook has an overwhelming presence in our lives, and The worlds largest platform has an absolute strict rule regarding click baits. But many a time people find their way around the rules and post-click bait. A 2016 news report posted that Facebook has developed an algorithm that will censor the click baits and in doing so it will place them in the lower ranking of newsfeed so that customers will not be able to reach them. Given the fact that Facebook plays a crucial role in marketing and promoting business avoiding  Facebook’s terms and condition can lead you to the trouble to you and your company and also hamper your company’s growth.

Learn About Click Bait

4. Offers:

We might have seen various websites that claim of giving products at Re 1 or offering massive discounts on a wide range of products or claiming to provide free reward etc. can be very tempting headlines but in reality, it does not produce any results. Try to be as real as possible with your customers and followers. If you are in an e-commerce business you should try to give genuine offers which the customers can verify, many e-commerce like Ajio and websites provide offers to their customers.



5. Don’t “newsjack” a serious event:

A major tragedy has happened, and you think of cashing on the tragedy by providing content and increasing your website traffic. If the thought of cashing in on a tragedy has crossed your mind, then my friend just stop where you are. Never ever think of doing it. This practice of cashing in on tragedy is called newsjacking. Where people inject their brands incorporating with the disaster to grab people’s attention. Doing this Is very wrong to do so. However, we can newsjack on a non-serious event. Which in return will be harmless and garner applause from customers for your creative genius.

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