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How To Compress Large Video Files Without Losing Quality

Compress Large Video Files Without Losing Quality:

We have memories in videos, let it be of family functions or friends. If you are youtuber it can be your youtube video. Every now and then we record videos but the problem is storage. We have limited storage everywhere, let it be cellphone, computer or external HDD. Nowadays videos are recorded in HD quality. File size of such videos are more then normal videos i.e. file size will be approx 200 – 300 mbs for 3 minutes video. It becomes difficult to backup such huge file due to lack of HDD capacity. I, as an youtuber record my videos on iPhone 7 Plus. My 1 minute video is of approx 70 – 80 mb’s. I and many youtubers faces problems uploading it to youtube. Fully processed video of mine are of approx 600 – 700 mb’s and sometimes in GB’s. What we can do is compress large video files.

There are many problems in compressing large video files. We have to compromise with many things like quality, resolutions and many other things.

So, here is the tutorial to compress large video files without losing its quality. The compression ratio is up-to 95%. Don’t believe it, right? but yes, we can compress video up-to 95% without losing its quality. There are many video compressor available but we will use “HandBrake” software in order to compress large video files. This software can compress video from 300 mb to around 20 mb.

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So, Lets get started with the tutorial on “How To Compress Large Video Files Without Losing Quality”.

Video [Hindi]:

Step by Step Guide to Compress Large Video Files Without Losing Quality:

1. Download Handbrake: Click Here.

2. Install Handbrake:

3. Open Handbrake.

4. Click on Source >> Click on File and Select video file which you want to compress.

5. Before compressing check properties. so that we can compare it with compressed file. click open.

6. In destination click on browse and select the place where you want to save your compressed file. give appropriate name and click save.

7. In preset settings, select normal as shown below.

8. output setting: in container select “MP4”. if you want to upload your video to website or youtube, mark “web optimized”. web optimized is generally used by youtubers.

9. Select “picture” tab. there will cropping options in that select “custom” and change the value of “top”,”bottom”,”left”,”right” to “0”. your screen will be full screen.

compress large video files 16 - change everthing to 0
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10. Select “video” tab. Select “H.264 (x264) in video codec. quality is another key point, in quality recommended is “20”. “40” will decrease quality whereas “10” will increase quality.

11. Select “audio” tab, change “Bitrate” to 128.

12. (optional) on right side panel, click on “Add” to save this settings.

12. That’s it with settings, now click on Preview. i recommend before compressing any video always check its preview to save time.

13. if you think preview is perfect, click on “Start Encode”.

14. finally, your video will start compressing.

15. lets check the properties of both the videos i.e. original and compressed.

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