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Clash of Souls 2020 – FHX CoC 10.322 Download APK Latest

Clash of Souls APK 2020 (Private Server with Utility Tool)


Building the best base and winning every Clan war has always remained the dream of almost all the clashers. But it takes ages to gather resources, leave aside winning the game. Therefore, many of the players prefer playing the game using a modded version to get unlimited resources at any time. If you are also one of those players, frustrated with the limitations of the original game, you can download Dark Souls Clash of Clans hack (Clash of Souls 2020 APK) to get unlimited resources and win the game.



What is Dark Souls CoC Hack?

Dark Souls also are known as Clash of Souls is another famous private server of Clash of Clans hack that offers unlimited resources to the players and also enables them to attack the builder base. Installing these servers will enable you to enjoy these resources without any cost. Dark Souls CoC APK has four servers (S1, S2, S3, S4) offering custom mods with different features. Here, it is pertinent to mention that Clash of Souls is almost similar to Clash of Magic Servers or Clash of Lights Servers but with some different features.


Clash of Souls Apk (Dark Souls) - Unlimited Gold and Gems Hack (Private CoC Servers)


Features of Clash of Souls Apk


  1. Unlimited Resources

The very first and the most attractive feature of these servers is the availability of unlimited resources to play the game. Unlike the original game, you will enjoy unlimited gold, gems, elixir, and dark elixir. Also, you can make as many troops as you want. This increases your defence and helps you to destroy the buildings of your opponent players. These resources are always available whenever a need for these arises while playing the game.


  1. Support for all Devices

Another feature that makes it a favourite server among clashers is its support for various devices. It means that you can download any of the Dark Souls servers, depending on your choice. Here, it is essential to mention that you will have to download and install Dark Souls utility tool to get access to this CoC Hack APK download file. These servers are compatible with devices running Android version 4.0.3 or higher. To enjoy the game on PC, you will have to install BlueStack software that helps to download the Dark Souls CoC APK. To download and play the game on iOS, you will have to specify the iOS version before downloading the game file.


  1. Secure and Fast

Speed and security are the things players are looking for while downloading CoC game. Clash of Souls is developed by the team Dark Souls which has never compromised on the safety of the servers. The servers were launched in 2014 and have gone through several updates to reach this stage. Most of the updates are meant for speed optimization and security of the devices. Moreover, the Dynamic compare and balance algorithm (DCABA) used by the developers in the game also makes it fast and secure.


  1. Up Time and Building Time

The last but not least touted feature of these servers is their zero-building time, which increases your defence. You can build troops, walls, tower with just a click of a button. Moreover, 24/7 hours availability gives tremendous confidence to the clashers that they can get support at any time they need. You will never suffer connection errors while playing the game on these servers because these are powered by a unique algorithm that minimised the downtime.



Types of Server


Types of Clash of Souls Servers


The availability of modifications is also another feature of these private CoC servers. There are four kinds of servers based on these modifications.


  1. Server 1 (The Soul Eater)

It is the first and the best of all dark soul servers because it offers 10000000 gold, gems, elixir, and dark elixir. S1 provides the most excellent modified version of the game and takes your gaming experience to the next level. The Soul Eater Server also enables you to create your buildings and defences, and you can use these in your way.


  1. Server 2 (The Heart of Soul)

If you want to get more authority to create custom heroes and buildings, this server would be best for you. You can shape the buildings in the ways you want to increase your defences. It also enables you to give the power of one hero to another as per the situation demands to win the game.


  1. Server 3 (The Velocity of Soul)

As the name suggests, this private CoC server offers excellent speed because it hosts the original Clash of Clans game. This means that there are no modifications in the application file downloaded from this server. The only difference is that you will get resources automatically without doing anything special.


  1. Server 4 (The Vengeance of Soul)

It is the server that offers more modifications than any other server. It offers a lot of modified heroes that are not offered in other Clash of Souls servers. You can get many free things, including gold, gem, and elixirs.


Dowload Dark Souls - CoC Private Server APK


Download Clash of Souls APK – Latest Version | CoC Private Server


Private Server NameClash of Souls
Latest Version10.322 (FHX CoC Android)
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16
Update14th April 2020








Steps for installing Clash of Souls Apk on Android

  1. Remove already existing Clash of Clans application.
  2. Clear RAM content and Junk files from the system.
  3. Allow Chrome or whichever browser you are using, to download the app, to install from unknown sources.
  4. It Requires No root permissions to begin the installation process.
  5. Wait for the application to install.
  6. Connect to the internet to start using Clash of Souls APK.


Wrapping Up

Clash of Souls Apk is a private server which gets frequent updates. New features and bug features are added to this app regularly. Once a new update is released by the developers of this Private Server the old application becomes unusable though your data is reserved in the servers. To be able to play the game again you can download the latest version of Dark Souls. Techno Bite and Supercell will not be liable for any trouble while playing the game. This modded apk is not affiliated or sponsored by supercell.