xbox vs ps4 - the best gaming console

XBox : One Of The Best Gaming Console Is Now On A Whole New Level?

XBox : One Of The Best Gaming Console:

X-box is one of the very well-known gaming support also known as the best gaming console. Gamer’s keen to own one and no doubt Microsoft indeed did a great job by giving life to this innovation. This killer gaming box is one great source of entertainment and above all is a complete package with fine gaming essentials.‘Do Not Disturb’ while I’m on my Xbox:

X-Box or PS4 - Which is the Best Gaming Console?

It’s given the title of ‘New Achievements’, this helps you keep a hold of all the upcoming achievements that unravel. It has also kept its prime focus on highlights and brings in the long requested piece which made a debut on Xbox 360, ‘Do not disturb’ option.

What’s in it?

This option lets gamers mute the upcoming notifications and other disruptions that tags along while one is either watching or playing something. This status further helps you to stay distraction-free and of course, pause all the unnecessary commotion brought by your mates. It would pause all the messages or invites. However, this feature is limited. The latest Xbox owners can opt for this via ‘Alpha Preview Ring’

However, by the time this feature will gradually spread widely. We don’t know when as no specific time frame is specified but it’s worth the wait. If you already own an Xbox insider program build then on board are the steps how you can enable the mode. Or if you want to join the insider program then go on to the ‘My games and Apps’ on your Xbox device by the dashboard and select ‘Updates’. Next, select the ‘Xbox Insider Hub App’ and you will get four different tiers to opt for, Delta, Alpha, Beta, and Omega.

Remember: Omega is the least and lowest level which is super easy to access but on the other hand Alpha is the uppermost level which is exclusive as well as invite only.

So if you were tired of play station this is what you need to get your hands on now.

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Escort to the ‘Do not disturb’ mode:

One: go to the Xbox button on your Xbox1 controller.

Two: secondly, press the LB button four times to sign in the tab.

Three: Choose your profile and roll down to go online.

Four: Click on option ‘A’ and hit the ‘Do Not Disturb’ and voila!

Note: To other gamers, you may seem in busy mode or do not disturb however you will still remain active unless you wish to disable the option.

So this was how you can enable to option of going and enjoying in your own bubble. A zone of you and your gaming world. A feature that leads you to ease and no one can take you out of it unless you want. So block the interruptions in your surroundings such as noise that nags you and your gaming skills, or nags you while you are watching movies or your favorite season. The world just got so much better, isn’t it? Try this feature now and explore your adventures.

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