Increase Performance Of Your Smartphone And Make Android Faster

How To Increase Performance Of Your Smartphone And Make Android Faster With These Simple Tips

Increase Performance Of Your Smartphone And Make Android Faster


How does it feel to use a brand-new Android phone? The speed. The interface. You can install any app you feel like. You can browse or watch videos, or even download videos and your Android phone used to work magic.

Fast-forward four months. Now, with the same Android phone, you are headbanging on the wall near your bed. Speed, Is one factor that constantly degrades if not taken care of and you will see a decrease in performance of your smartphone.

Where ever you find an Android user you will be bombarded with these questions. How to make Android faster? Or How-to speed-up you’re Android, well, this is the only pain-point for an Android user that they usually fall in and they try so much to get out of the well.

But, is it a myth, or a reality that you can make your android phone faster just like the good old days. The main reason behind the apps to get slow is because of the excessive usage of the apps on a daily basis. The more you use an app, it stores data and consumes a lot of energy on your device.

Now, for the good news. You can outsmart the device speed by applying these Android tips to speed-up your smartphone. Here are some tips that will not take a dime from you, or even take much of your time, but when applied, these tips will enhance the performance of your smartphone.


Tips To Increase Performance Of Your Smartphone And Make Android Faster



Tips to Increase Performance of your Android Device


#1 Clear your Ram, several times a day

Without any doubt, the Android phone has excellent task management skills. Even though the task manager can close unwanted apps automatically, but still this is an old-school thing.

Even though apps are closed, there is still memory usage of the RAM from the phone. For this purpose, you need to install any memory cleaning app. The app will automatically figure out the unwanted apps that are not of use and clean up your RAM memory.

Once you clear the RAM of your smartphone, your Android phone will get an instant performance boost. This is because these cleaning apps, close the background apps which keep running despite your need.



#2 Use light version apps

This is the best way to improve the speed and performance of your smartphone. The most popular apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Opera have launched a lighter version of their apps.

This gives the Android phone to free up some space and give the users with the basic options of the apps.

Check out the lighter version of the famous apps. You might not love all the apps, but when it comes to saving memory and speeding up your phone, this is what you need to do.


#3 Regularly Update your smartphone

Whenever an update comes for your Android phone. You need to apply that update as soon as it is released.

The updates that come from Google play store are usually solved issues that were reported by the users.

It is best to update your smartphone over Wifi. This will not burden your phone and update will be done within minutes.


#4 Before installing any app, think!

Most of the time we install apps that are not necessary, but we forget to delete those apps. And sometimes later, when we get time, we forcefully uninstall those useless apps from our phones.

Why install any app in the first place?

Before you install an app, ensure that you really need that app. If you don’t use the app frequently, it is not worth installing.

One mistake people make while uninstalling the app is removing the app from the settings menu. To an extent this is okay. But with many apps, when you uninstall them. There are still a few fragments of the app that remain on the phone. For this problem to resolve, you need to use apps that will uninstall the app complete your phone.


#5 Format your SD Card

If your phone is having frequent crashes, you need to format your SD card. One of the major reasons for the frequent crashes is the corrupt memory card.

Once you format your SD card, you will not only delete the unnecessary junk files that are sometimes left behind when you delete files, there will be a performance boost to your phone.

Of course. Before you do the format, you can take a backup of the necessary pictures, videos, and apps that you want to keep. You can use USB OTG Cable to directly take the backup of your phone to flash drive. And after you format your smartphone, you can copy your data right back from that flash drive. If your phone doesn’t support USB OTG, you can take backup to your computer using the micro USB cable.


#6 Using the fingerprint scanner

This will not boost your smartphone performance, but it will surely save some time in which you enter the pattern of your phone.

While the pattern takes 5-8 seconds to unlock the phone, it only takes 0.5 seconds for a fingerprint scanner to decode your phone.


#7 Keep your important data in the cloud

In the year 2017 cloud computing is the much talked about subject. There are dozens of companies that are offering free cloud storage.

An easy way to burden your phone less is to keep the important data, which includes pictures, videos, podcasts in the cloud storage. This will not only keep the data safe, furthermore, but it will also free-up memory in your phone for other important apps.


#8 Avoid putting too many shortcuts on the main screen

This one is a cliché. The more things you put on your home screen, the harder it will get for the phone to transition between various screens.

Just keep those apps that you use frequently in the whole day. The best way to get those apps is to see which apps you are using very frequent after every hour.

Keep those apps on the main screen and delay your gratification for the other apps.


To conclude it all

Speeding-up your smartphone is one way to boost your performance. The mobile app development agencies that have figured out how to optimize apps so that they don’t affect the mobile speed are in high value. Because once have room for more data and space on your phone, you can do work faster and better. And you will also not be worried about, how to get more space on your smartphone?

The tips mentioned above will surely improve the overall performance of your smartphone and give you a chance to save time while you use your mobile.