Best Offline Music Player Apps for Android

The 5 Best Offline Music Player Apps for Android

The 5 Best Offline Music Player Apps for Android, Which One Is Right For You?

What music player app do you like to listen to?

Streaming media players such as Spotify and Netease Cloud Music may be the choice of tens of millions of people, but sometimes we also need an offline, lightweight, and adjustable local player. At this time, streaming media may not help, and a good local music player can solve the stunning feeling that a song is difficult to achieve in other places through powerful and personalized sound settings.

mobinfo recommended a  single music player and topic on Boom, Serato Pyro, Jukebox, Beat, Mimi Music, and other iOS platforms, Android Party does not have to worry, open source, custom and Geek full of entertainment must be indispensable to you.

#1 PowerAmp:

PowerAMP Best Android Music Player

As a music player that is most sought after by enthusiasts, PowerAmp has become a belief. It is one of the best android app idea for people who want to listen to music offline.

When you first open the native interface, you may not have thought that this “belief” is so simple: almost all black skin, the typesetting flavor of the 3.5-inch screen era, plus the first action of the default full scan file, this really Is it the legendary PowerAmp on the rivers and lakes?

Don’t worry, there are dozens of different styles of skin to choose from on Google Play, Post Bar, and Cool. Users are eager to share because they love it deeply, and users love it deeply because it is really good – PowerAmp has always maintained a high standard in terms of sound quality optimization and sound settings.

Take the Alpha 703 version of the internal test as an example. There are three main interfaces for sound adjustment. The first interface is a ten-band equalizer (EQ) with 16 preset modes built in, making it the most efficient equalizer on Android. Click once above or below each band to move the gain value of its signal once. EQ has a good chance to let five hundred headphones emit five thousand pieces of flavor. According to the recommended parameters of the cool users, you can try this DIY:

The second interface can adjust the channel, stereo effect, and playback speed. The third interface can play stereo sound reinforcement, balance adjustment and reverberation, and geek value burst table.

From the personal experience, PowerAmp is one of the few players on the device that has no noise and current. Even if you don’t adjust EQ, it is still a great experience to listen to lossless music. Also recommended is an Android sound artifact ViPER4Android (V4A), with the use of PowerAmp can make the listening experience up three times.

Speaking back to the player’s own function, PowerAmp is like an exemplary model. It has functions that others don’t have, and others have more detail.

  • Support for almost all music file formats, including .cue files.
  • Smooth and faded transitions, seamlessly cut and cut blanks.
  • Support Hi-Res mode to output audio.
  • Download the scarce album cover.

What should I do after the 15-day trial period? PowerAmp official website supports Alipay or purchases through Google Play. App body and its activation lock need to correspond to the corresponding version. For example, if you purchase the official website, please use the official website version of apk. It should be noted that PowerAmp has a few bugs in many countries, such as frequent activation verification requirements.

PowerAmp is suitable for Android 4.0+ devices. The size varies from device to device and is priced at $14.88.


#2 Stellio Music Player:

Stellio Music Player Android

Is PowerAmp the best? Stellio Music Player does not agree.

Stellio means “lizard”, the playback interface changes style with the album cover, and there is a little “chameleon” feeling. It also supports downloading high-quality album art and using external skin.

Open the left sidebar and Stellio’s features are well organized. You can choose from a variety of play queues to quickly find the song you want based on attributes such as albums and performers.

Stellio, which pays attention to detail, has small functions such as sleep mode and custom widgets. What is commendable is that it also supports Android Wear.

The equalizer is also the highlight of Stellio, with 12 bands and 16 preset modes. Ah, 12 paragraphs, you have two more paragraphs than the 10 paragraphs, you can adjust the music style more carefully. Automatic gain control is available in Effect 1 to enhance low, medium, and high sounds. Effect 2 controls rhythm, speed, and other effects.

Fear that the parameters do not understand? Stellio also provides the EQ basics and setup wizards for beginners.

The trial version of Stellio has ads, and occasionally there are bugs such as garbled Chinese characters. If you can tolerate these shortcomings, Stellio is also worth considering.

Stellio Music Player App for Android 4.0+, size 8.2 MB, free for purchase.

Stellio Player HQ
Stellio Player HQ
Developer: Stellio Soft
Price: Free+

#3 AIMP:

AIMP Best Android Offline Music Player

AIMP is a music player from Russia. It has earned a reputation as early as the PC version. After developing the Android version, it was praised for its lightness, cleanliness, and conscience.

It is light, one is because of its small size; the other is because the interface is clean and bright, comfortable and eye-catching, and without advertising.

Almost all other players have preset playlists such as “by album, by artist, by genre…”, but can you usually use it? AIMP has abandoned complicated ribs, such as playlist categorization, and only supports manual creation of playlists. In addition, AIMP has no visual spectrum, no synchronization, no fades…

But mobinfo (mobile information expert) recommended app has its own quality: AIMP is also unambiguous in this effort, its built-in equalizer has 10 segments and 17 preset styles. Such a clean and free local player has become a must-have app for every installation.

AIMP is available for Android 3.2+ devices and is 3.9 MB in size and is completely free.

Developer: Artem Izmaylov
Price: Free

#4 MusiXmatch:

MusiXmatch Music Player For Android

In addition to the player function, Musixmatch also has: listening to songs, massive lyrics library, lyrics card, and singing function.

The biggest highlight of Musixmatch is the ability to pair lyrics for each song. Not only that, but “Floatinglyrics” can also display lyrics for other players, and supports video players such as Youtube. Later, listening to songs and watching MVs on mobile phones, there is no word.

Musicmatch also has an iOS version. If you are a dual platform user, it will be a good choice for you to have a consistent experience.

Musixmatch is available for iOS 8.0+ for iPhone and iPad and Android 4.0+ devices. For iOS version 38.6 MB, the Android version varies by device and is completely free

Musixmatch - Songtexte
Musixmatch - Songtexte
Developer: Musixmatch
Price: Free

#5 Pi Music Player #Android:

Pi Best Music Player For Android

In the application market, there are quite a few music players using Material Design. The app’s design logic is familiar with the burger menu, three-point menu and search button.

Pi Music Player is one of them. When you start it for the first time, Pi will quickly scan the songs in your phone and automatically sort them by album, artist, genre, and folder. The playlists such as “Recently added, played most, and favorite music” is preset.

One of the highlights of the Pi is the “ringtone clip” feature for audio systems such as mp3. When the song you want to edit is selected, Pi displays the music spectrum of the song. Pulling the start and end interval and repeating the confirmation according to the interval play, you can cut out a desired piece of music.

This feature is not only suitable for making ringtones, but also to cut unwanted murmurs such as cheering by the audience.

Most of the domestic music software is influenced by the mainstream app design, and the hobby adds various functions. Material Design is designed to vertically subdivide and focus on a music player, which is enough.

In addition, AppSo also introduced Timber Music Player, Phonograph and  NexMusic in MD design.

Pi Music Player for Android 4.1+, 4.3 MB in size, completely free.


In fact, the question of “how to choose a desirable music player” is almost as metaphysical as “how to pick a headset .” The music player has certain requirements for the model and system and does not help all mobile phones achieve the desired results. You can download it and try it out to find the one that best suits your equipment and taste. (Although some excellent players need to pay, they basically provide a trial period.) If you feel that it is easy to use, you may want to buy the full version.

For those who love music, this is a worthwhile investment.