20 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Apple Watch – [Infographic]

20 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Apple Watch:

From handling your calls and messages to reminding you to breathe deeply during stressful times, Apple Watch can do it all.

As great as iPhones are, they’re not exactly conveniently sized. Luckily, with an Apple Watch on your wrist, you can easily answer and decline calls by tapping the green or red button.

It also allows you to mute incoming calls by simply putting your palm over your wrist, which will come in handy if you spend a lot of time in important meetings or other formal settings.

What about private conversations that you don’t want anyone else to know you’re having? With a cool feature called “Taptic Engine”, you can be notified of new messages with a silent vibration that only you and no one else will be aware of.

For more cool things you can do with your Apple Watch, take a look at the infographic by “The Watchstrap” below.

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Courtesy of: The Watch Strap Co