Get Views on YouTube Videos

Top 7 Tips, How To Get & Increase Views on YouTube Videos – A Complete Guide

How To Get & Increase Views on YouTube Videos Free:

Most of the peoples were making great videos entirely of the unique content, but at the starting age of making the videos, they will not get as many views on their videos. So, in this case, if you want to get more views on YouTube videos but don’t know how to get them and from where to start this?



Before we get started, it is essential for you to note that ” The Great Wall Of China ” wasn’t built in a single day and also there is no method to turn your video into an overnight viral success. It may take some time for your videos to get started taking off. But these following tips will help you in a big way and will head you in the right direction, and you will get more views than you’re getting today.

Top 7 Tips To Get More Views On YouTube Videos: 

#1 Have Quality And Keyword Rich Description

Get Views on Youtube Videos Improve Quality And Keyword Rich Description

Let me tell you that the video description is that where you have to be better inform the search engines and also the users, i.e., what exactly your video is about? you have to include best and whole information about your video in your description. This thing will help you in to get an increase in CTR [ click-through-rate ], and your viewer will also know what to expect in your video.

Try to be both standout and also remain generic and you should also capture the interest while still trying to rank for all the short tail keywords.

#2 Using Hashtags

Use Hash Tag and Get Views On YouTube Videos

As you know that Hashtags will play a significant role in any promotion. Just as same as like the hashtags on Instagram and Twitter in the same way the hashtags will also work on the YouTube videos. YouTube videos tags further will help you in distinguish that what your video content is all about and it also helps you understand the algorithm that what users will view when they see your video. These videos along with your descriptions and the titles should reflect the core concept of that what your video is all about. Think about the short-tail SEO again.

#3 Using Cards

Get Views on Youtube Videos

The YouTube optimization features are one of the most amazing features, and these features will enable you to promote your other content in your video. You can also use “create cards” feature too.

These features will help you to…

  • Send traffic to your website.
  • Promotion of other video contents.
  • Donate a non-profit.
  • Encourage the users to participate in a pool.
  • Get more channel subscribers.

In regards to the increase in your YouTube video views, you must take these cards in use to encourage the users to visit your all lesser watched content and also subscribe to your YouTube channel.

#4 Creating Playlists

Create Playlist To Boost Views of Youtube Videos

You must create a playlist for your content so that viewers can watch it consecutively. After the ends of the first video, your other videos will play automatically, which will get more views from the each played video without having to navigate off the players. If you want, then you can also embed the playlists, and post them into your channel or you can also have users to share them to increase the total views for each playlist.

Make sure that you will make each one of unique content and also give them flow and relevancy with the other video which they are played from. These are great for an educational or entertaining content that will tell you a story, or it will go in the depth into how the different components will make up this a whole.

#5 Increase Video’s SEO Rankings

Increase SEO Rankings of Your Youtube Video

The traditional SEO is also a viable factor which will help you in the increase of the YouTube views as the videos have the potential to outrank the website so that they are featured in the search engine results.

Video embeds will do count as the backlinks, and in this case, the links are also pointing to the YouTube video, which will help you as it’s SEO ranking. With decent rankings in the SERPs, you can easily double-down on the traffic of your video and also gets an increase in your video views.

#6 Reach Out Influencers To Promote Your Video

Reach Out Influencers To Promote Your Videos

Influencers marketing is also one of the fast becoming and a go to the source to reach out to the audiences for the big brand’s names. They have built the audience so that, that audience will re-share the video and as well as post their content, which also has the potential to provide a surge in the views on a viral scale. If you want you can also use the Unamo Social Media to locate the influencers in your sphere of interests and even reach out to them to promote your video content.

As a viewer are already following all these influencers and also regularly engage with the content, they will also provide the one share of your videos which can generate a good amount of views on your videos.

#7 Make Use Of The Social Media

use social media to increase views on youtube videos

You can use social media as a cross-promotion platform especially with the YouTube which can work like a wonder in driving the views to your youtube videos. You can reach to the entire base by sharing of the videos on the other social media profiles and to funnel them towards your video. If you want you can also share a link like as a post or you can also put it in the description of your profiles in order to boost your views on your youtube video.

By pushing the traffic from all your social media profiles to your YouTube, you will gain a lot of favor with the algorithms by becoming an outsource of the many session starts. The sessions are those which can originate on the certain videos on the platform. Sessions starting on your video will show that how your video is successful in bringing users to your YouTube, which will also result in the more favorable organic rankings and also more appearances in the suggestion views section. With a perfect social media marketing strategy, you can get a good amount of traffic and boost your google rank.


Getting off the lots of views on YouTube videos will take some time. This platform has its own checks and fundamentals to ensure that the quality of the video content is reaching to its users will always and often. Try to build an active user base and they will make up the lion’s share of your views. If you face any kind of difficulty after reading this article, feel free to comment all your doubts in the comments box below!