Download Paid Apps Free on iOS Device Without PC and Without Jailbreak

How To Download Paid Apps for Free on iOS Device Without Jailbreak

How To Download Paid Apps for Free on iDevices Without Jailbreak

Downloading on iOS devices are more complicated comparing to any other smartphones. The thing is Apple has made their device more secure giving Limited permissions to the apps. As a result, If we compare Apple Devices with Android Devices, the number of apps in the app store is less than play store. The main reason is that Apple doesn’t allow any apps without going through their verification process, which is indeed a good practice.

But, we are not here to discuss iOS and Android security.

Downloading movies, software, games, music, etc. on Android is much comfortable.

iOS users face problems downloading anything over the internet. They have to perform different tricks to download different kinds of stuff like movies, games, software, music, etc.

Today’s topic is pretty different than just to download movies & stuff.

iOS users are very keen to know, can they download paid apps for free without jailbreak? My answer to them is, yes! You can get any paid app for free without jailbreaking your iOS device.

Don’t believe, huh…

So, without delay let me show you how to get paid apps free on your iDevice without jailbreak.

First, Let me introduce to this app called “TutuApp”.

What is TuTuApp?

Chinese developers produce tutu app with the intention of giving the paid app for free to every Android and iOS user. At first, TuTu App was only available in the Chinese Language. But, as the time gone they made it accessible in the English language too; so that anybody around the world can understand it easily.

This app came to light during the release of pokemon go game. Pokemon Go game was only available in some countries at the time of publication. This app was released for Android users to enjoy pokemon go game in their own country. FakeGPS was the main feature to play pokemon go without restriction. Later, it was available for iOS users too.

TuTu App is available for Android and iOS both.There are two versions of TuTu App for the iOS device namely Vip (price 12.99$/year) & Regular (Free). The version we are going to use in this tutorial post is free, as the title says.

So, enough with the introduction. Let’s see some features of TuTuApp.

Features of TuTuApp iPhone

  • The most important feature of this app is, you can get paid apps for free and paid games for free on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
  • You don’t need to jailbreak your iDevice to use TuTuApp.
  • You will get high downloading speed while downloading apps or games from TuTu App,
  • Doesn’t require apple id and password to install an app.
  • TuTu App for iDevice is Compatible with IOS 7+ System.

Download Paid Apps for Free on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Without Jailbreak


download tutuapp for ios for free

Step 1 – Download and Install TuTuApp

First, open this link and Download TuTuApp for iPhone by clicking on “Download Now” button as shown below. make sure you have selected iOS and Regular before clicking download now as shown in the image below.


Download and Install TuTuApp, click on download now button


Step 2 – Select “Install Regular Free Version”

Next, you will get a popup asking “tutuapp would like to install tutuapp regular version (free)“. Tap on “Install” as you can see in the image below.


paid app for free on iOS - click install button as shown below


Step 2.1 – See Icon on your iOS Device

It will start installing TuTu App to your iDevice as soon as you click install. You will see app icon on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Don’t click on that icon; we have to follow some more steps to start using paid apps or games for free.


download paid apps free - you will see tutu app icon on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch


Step 3 – Profiles and Device Management

Now, Open phone settings. Then, Goto General -> Profiles and Device Management.


paid games free on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - goto settings and click on general get paid games free on iOS Device - Goto profile and device management


Step 4 – Select Profile

In profile and Device Management option, you will find some profile configurations. You have to tap on “Nippon Paint China Holdings…“.

Note: you may not get the same profile as shown in the image, confirm the same and click on the profile.


paid app store app for free using tutu app - tap on the profile


Step 5 – Trust Profile

Next, Click on “Trust Nippon Paint China Holdings Co., Ltd“. Click on “Trust” to confirm the installation of profile configuration.


trick to download paid app for free on iDevices - click on trust profile click on trust as shown - download free paid apps on iPhone profile installed successfully on your iOS device - paid app free


Step 6 – Install NessTool VPN

When you start tutuapp you will get a popup to install nesstool VPN, tap “install” button. Trust the app profile configuration similar to how we trusted tutu app configuration in Step 4, Step 5 & Step 6. Open Nesstool, click in the centre as shown in the image. The app will ask to setup VPN configuration on your iDevice, click allow and install VPN configuration. Always start nesstool VPN and open tutu app from the nesstool app as you can see in the image below.


steps to install nesstools vpn on ios device click on install to install nesstool vpn Trust nesstool vpn in profile configuration options

Tap in the centre to start VPN Click allow to install vpn configuration on your iPhone click on open tutu app


Step 7 – Search Paid Apps and games in TuTu App

Now, its time to use the paid app for free on iPhone. Open TuTuApp, search for any paid app in the box shown below. We are going to install “Enlight” app. Search for Enlight in the box and tap on “Get” icon in front of the app.


how to use tutu app on iOS devices - open tutu app. search and install any paid app for free using tutuapp for iOS


Step 8 – Install Paid Apps and Games

You will see that your downloading is started. As soon as your downloading counter reaches 100%, You will get a popup where tutuapp will ask you to install “enlight app” on your iDevice. Click on “Install”.


download paid apps on ios for free without jailbreak


Step 9 – Use Paid App

That’s it! You can now use “enlight app” which is paid app on your iPhone for free. Similarly, You can also download and install any paid apps for free on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch using tutuapp.


Use paid apps for free on iOS



If anything goes wrong while downloading, installing and using tutu app; neither Techno Bite nor TuTu App will be responsible, the end-user will be solely responsible for any loss. Sometimes, tutu app stop working; in that case, you have to follow all the steps above and install it again. These happen if you open tutu app without using Nesstool VPN.


This trick is the easiest way to download the free apps for free on iOS devices. Finally, You can enjoy any paid apps or games on your iOS device without spending a penny and also without jailbreak. Hope, you like the tutorial; if you find this trick useful, please subscribe Techno Bite newsletter and get the latest tricks to your email. If you have any doubts related to this tutorial, please comment below.