3D Printers Creates 3D Object

How 3D Printers Makes 3D Object

The new technology of 3D printing started in the 1980s. The technology of 3D was discovered many years ago but its incorporation in the printing industry took some time. The 3D printers make the 3D objects out of different materials; it is provided for.


There are different types of 3D printers available in the market. One can easily choose a particular type according to the needs of the user. In the initial stages, the objects were built out of the LASER. The pattern was dipped in a specific type of polymer, and the object was created using the LASER. Then the process of stereolithography came.


It is an additive process where the 3D objects are made on a platform. Another method of 3D printing is by the process of FDM (Fused Deposit Modelling). It is also a popular process, and it is used by many 3D printers to create objects.


3D Printers Make A 3D Object


The technology serves a boon to the artists and other people involved in this field. They can create their imagination into reality within a very short span of time. Even scientists are also enjoying the perks of this new technology.


The 3D printed files can also be shared with one another. This will allow scientists to work on the same project staying at different places together. The files can also be faxed and the receiver can create the objects with ease.


The 3D print files have an extension of STL format. The students and the budding engineers or others can also create models and prototypes with ease.


There is one more gadget which helps in 3D printing and it is the 3D printing pen. The first 3D printing pen was from the 3Doodler. Lix 3d pen is considered a smartest 3d pen in the world. It uses many materials to create the models as per the requirements. The people all over the world are really excited about this new technology. The 3D printers comprise many steps to create 3D objects according to the requirements.


Here we are going to discuss the steps involved in the 3D printing of the objects.



How 3D Printers Makes A 3D Object


#1 Material Selection

The right choice of material is required to meet the desired results. The user has to select what type of material and object have to be created. The choice of the material becomes very vital in the 3D printing sector as it may cause some problems in the longevity of the created 3D print. Nowadays, there are various materials to choose from and the selection made is diverse.


#2 Sketch of the Object

The sketch of the object has to be made in any of the CAD software or in any other platform or software from which the 3D print file can be converted to. The extension of the file is standard tessellation language (STL) format. The 3D printers can only print files which are in this format. The sketch of the object should be made perfect as it directly involves the creation and any fault in the design will affect the meeting of the demands of the user.



#3 The connection of Printer

The 3D printer has to be connected to the computer where the file has been created. The computer can transfer the file to the printer to print the object as per the requirements. The system is the same as in the process of a 2D printer.


#4 The Generation

After all the parts are set up, one has to wait until all the processes get finished. The speed of these printers is not as fast as the traditional 2D printers. They create 3D objects by following one of the two common methods, which are FDM (Fused Deposit Modelling) and stereolithography. They create objects by an additive process, that is the 3D object layer by layer.


#5 Post Creation

After the object is made, one must handle the object very carefully. If any kind of imperfect handling is done, it may prove costly as the object remains very delicate in the initial stages.


One should put on some kind of gloves to avoid any kind problems related to the handling of the object.


If the design made in the CAD or in any equivalent is perfect and the 3D printers also work well according to the material supplied, one can easily get the 3D printed object done.


One does not even need to know the basics of running the software, as the printer works very well in terms of printing.


But it is always recommended that the user must choose the 3D printing machine according to the needs, to meet the demands of the product.



we can say that people are trying to switch over to this unique technology so that productivity would increase. The technology took some time to get incorporated in the most awaited construction industry.

But now, as per the reports, a house is being made out of 3D printed construction materials. So, the technology is gaining popularity day by day and is expected to be incorporated in many other sectors in the years to come.