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Home Automation Products: Why Are They Becoming Popular?

Half a decade ago, home improvement meant making renovations of some parts of the interior or exterior spaces. At present, home improvement revolves around automation. Smart appliances are getting manufactured all over the globe. And the best part, they are selling out by the dozens. This article is on why have home automation products become popular?

Let’s discuss this in detail.

The answer is very simple. In a smart home, you do not have to do manual jobs such as opening the window blinds or turn on/off the switch. You need to know how to use the apps of every appliance with your smartphone and voice.


Why Have Home Automation Products Become Popular?

Let us go into the benefits one by one.

You wake exactly at 6 am every morning. The blinds of your window open to let the sunlight fall on the bed. Do you want the geyser on? Then make modifications on your smartphone.  Now the next sentences will make you feel as if in a James Bond film. You have made all the modifications in your home via the mobile. The bedroom door opens to let you out; the bathroom light switches on as you enter. The coffee maker starts making coffee in the morning. After the bath, you want to hear the best motivational songs. So, you can set the music on the tape recorder for more motivational songs. Yes, this is how a smart home will be.


First Understand What Makes A Home Smart

A smart home means having electronic appliances that are connected to the internet. You can control them with your mobile phone. If you have a central hub, you can create timelines for every home appliances. For example, you can have the Wiser Home Control (product from Schneider Electric) by which you can control music, curtains, home theatre, water systems, electrical outlets and many more. This product consists of Ethernet as well WiFi based home controller. With this device, you can control the indoor home appliances such as ULTI range switches, multi-zone thermostats, light sensors, and televisions. However, you can make the entire home appliances in your home run through your app on the smartphone, tablet or laptop. This is one of the major benefits of home automation products.

If you are a bachelor living in an apartment, then you can control all the appliances with your mobile. You need to pre-set the time as well as temperatures. And yes, you can also set the GoodBye option for your lights and appliances. The blinds can close automatically during night times.

Smart Home Automation

Starting Slowly

There are also options to buy a smart apartment. In recent times, you can find apartments that can come at a price which has the smart home appliances.

But at present, on your own home, you can also make slow changes regarding home automation. For example, you can start with security solutions. It involves doorbells and camera sensors. Imagine a situation when you are in the office. The delivery boy has come to give a parcel. The sensor sends an alert to your mobile. You tap on the CCTV, via the video camera, talk with the delivery person. Since you have installed a smart lock for your home, you can give a temporary door key that will be valid only for ten minutes. So, the delivery man can enter the first room, place the parcel on the sofa and make an exit. You can monitor his activities on the CCTV camera. Some famous smart locks are Schlage, August, Oakter, and Kwikset.

Is it a red hot summer? When you enter the home, do you step in a hot atmosphere? Then make use of Nest Thermostat. With this thermostat, you can control the temperature settings of your home. A smart thermostat can automatically adapt to seasonal changes and modify the best temperature based on the weather conditions. Let it be any thermostat; if it has the Auto-Away technology, it can switch off in case nobody is home. There is also another model, Ecobee 4. It is based on wireless room technology and has sensors. This appliance ensures that the room is placed cool as per your requirements.

Smart Lights

There are many urban Indian homes which have seniors in their family. Now, in a typical house, both the adults (wife and husband) go to work, their children to school and the seniors stay at home. These elders, can suffer from mobility problems, face trouble in switching on and off the lights. But, with home automation, they can switch on and off the lights by giving a single command. By making modifications in the mobile, they can make the lights turn in the bathroom. They can also switch on and off the fan.

Imagine you have fridges, washing machines, and other smart home appliances. Now it is impossible to download all the apps for these appliances and give commands. How about a device which can control every home appliance? In this case, you can opt for the Google Home and Amazon Echo. With these two devices, you can control every home appliances.

The best advantage – you can control every home appliance even from your office. Another benefit of home automation products, and the main reason they have become so popular.

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So, How To Plan The Perfect Environment For Home Automation Products?

You will require a strong, internet connection in every part of your home. It should not be patchy at places. If you are going to change the entire structure of your home, ensure you enlist a qualified professional to make the renovation. For a few upgrades, you can opt for the best mason or architect in your city.

You will need a qualified internet engineer to make the adjustments. Yes, you can also control your laptop with mobile. Now, does that mean that the laptop has also become smart? In some features. Let us assume a situation. You stay in Bangalore and have every smart appliance in your home. Now you control the home appliances with the laptop. When the laptop gets repaired, you can control with the mobile.

But in many smart appliances, you can get an alert if there is a requirement for maintenance. So, you get an alert on the mobile that the laptop needs a service? What will you do in recent times? You download the bro4u app and book the best laptop repair engineer in Bangalore with ease. In the future, the laptop will not only send an alert but also information about the nearest service center (if you have a warranty) or information about the best technicians near your locality in your mobile.


There is also a disadvantage regarding home automation products. You need to have a perfect security wall (cyber security) for your home. Or else, if the WiFi password gets hacked, an outsider can not only monitor the activities in your house. He can also damage the home appliances. So, you need to have a proper antivirus and antispyware security model and application for your home automation products. Then you can reap the benefits of home automation.