Ultimate Guide To Application Development and Monetization

Top Most Tips for Application Development & Monetization

Application Development and Monetization:

When creating or launching an app or web application, there is a lot of things you need to think about and consider. It can be a lengthy process, and there can be a lot of bumps in the road, and with so much competition, there is a chance your app could fail from the start.

Two of the most important things to spend a lot of time to ensure your application is successful is development and monetization. Without proper application development, your app will not live up to competitors, and without application monetization, making any revenue from your app will be next to impossible.

With that in mind, this article is going to look at a few tips to aid in both the development and monetization process when creating your app. This article is by no means an exhaustive list, but the information within this article should help with your app development and monetization.

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App Development

Whether you are making a web app, a mobile app or any other sort of application, the development is a significant factor in the success and usability of your app.

Here are a few tips to aid in the development of your next app.

Have a Plan

Before you ever set foot at a computer to start building your application, you need to have a plan for your app. Having a plan is an integral step in any creative process. It can help set goals, give perspective and weed out any bad ideas. Without a plan, your app might be lacking in terms of direction, as well.

Use Others As Inspiration

While you never want to rip off or directly steal the content or ideas from other people, there is nothing wrong with looking at other web apps or native apps for inspiration. If you have some favourite apps, think about what makes them so good and see how you could implement something similar. It could be anything from how a menu looks, how the app navigates or anything in between.

Focus More on Utility Than Looks

While everyone wants their web app to look good, it is more important that it runs well and is easy and intuitive to use. The design should be relatively simple, and it should be easy to navigate. While it shouldn’t look awful, many people or companies focus more on looks than utility, and that can lead many people away from your app.

Keep 1.0 Simple

When you are just starting out with a web app, it doesn’t make sense to spend thousands of dollars and months of time for something that might not even work. Instead, try to release an MVP (minimum viable product) which can validate your product and idea quickly and affordable. It should have the basic core components and features or your app, and nothing more.

App Monetization

In addition to Application development being very important, so is monetization. You are likely putting hundreds of hours into developing, building and maintaining your app, so you want to be able to be rewarded for that. Here are a couple of tips to assist in getting your app monetized in an acceptable manner:

Keep Track of Your Metrics

When running an app with monetization in mind, you need to be in-tune with your metrics. Your metrics will tell you how many people are visiting your site, where they are coming from, how long they are staying and so much more. The more visitors you have, the more ads get seen, and the more money you make. Thankfully, there are pieces of software out there that can help you monitor these metrics quickly and efficiently, like Java application performance monitoring tool by AppOptics, for instance, which is a fantastic resource to get an idea.

What Sorts of In-App Advertisements To Use?

For most apps, sites and web apps, running advertisements is the primary source of income. However, not all advertisements are created equally. Some ads are full-screen ads, some are sent as notifications, and some are simply banner ads at the top, side or bottom of the screen. Each has their place in the industry depending on what works best for your design. Of course, be sure to test each method before you agree to use it full time, to ensure that customers and your target market are responding well to them.

Subscription vs Freemium

In addition to ads on your app, there are other ways to monetize. Two of the most common ways are subscription and freemium models. A subscription is basically that people agree to pay a recurring fee to use and access your app. Freemium apps are available for free to use, but there are in-app purchases for additional features or options.


So, these were the best tips for Application Development and Application Monetization. hopefully, the tips and recommendations within this article help you throughout the app creation process and ensuring your application is developed in a sound manner and monetized correctly.