increase domain authority and page authority of website

How To Increase Domain Authority and Page Authority of your Website

Increase Your Website Domain Authority and Page Authority:

If you are a blogger, and someone asks you what is the #1 goal in SEO being a blogger you want to achieve, the answer, straightaway would be number one position in on the first page of search engines. In past day we had been created backlinks, with a proper keyword, and ranked a website, but nowadays, like the way, Google and search engines have been evolved, you need to take care of about hundreds of factors which put the salt in ranking your post or website.

The most significant roadblock in that would be Domain authority, nowadays; Google gives an extra mileage if you got a domain authority of high metrics (Domain Authority Checker). In this post, you are going to read about how one can increase the domain authority and page authority.


increase domain authority and page authority

Domain Name:

Domain name is the most important factor; the domain name should be similar to your business. If you are providing services for SEO, there should be SEO keyword in your domain name. It becomes easier for the users to remember the domain name regarding the services.

If you want to build a great business in the shortest period of time, then domain age will be the biggest roadblock for you. By purchasing the old domain with the same niche might create some comfort for you. Moz gives higher authorities to aged domains.

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The biggest impact upon Domain authority according to the experts is your backlink profile.

Actually, Google and search engines love the variety of backlinks, there should be unique, and great quality backlinks to increase your Domain Authority.

Do not think about commenting on your website link to different blogs right after launching or starting a content marketing business, your domain will penalize by spam.

There are dozens of genuine ways to create genuine and quality backlinks; you can find a good post regarding this on this website as well.

Moreover, try to interlink your content, interlinking should be related, and do not use same anchor text while interlinking the content.

Remove Toxic Links:

If you ask me what is the biggest factor which lowers down the traffic or ranking of a website, I would say, Backlinks.

A toxic and bad link can spoil your content marketing in a while, you should see your link profile, and check every link which is directed to your website, and remove that bad link.

You do monitor your backlinks, and an addition which is not made by you should be right away, eradicated from the link profile.

There are lots of tools online to monitor your backlinks or check broken links; you should pick one to monitor your backlink profile. And remember, when you create a backlink, you should create a list, a spreadsheet where it should be pen down, with date and domain metrics.

Increase Loading Speed Of Your Website:

If you got so much plugin installed with widgets, you are going to leave lots of money on the table. Most of the users got small patience, which is going to increase your bounce rate.

You can check your website speed by visiting the Google developers, not only this tool will tell you about the page speed but also it will identify some ways to increase your page speed, as well.

Last and the least, your website should be mobile to increase domain authority and page authority, which will be directly proportional to the search engine ranking.